Your Visit

Your first appointment starts with a comprehensive evaluation and ends with a personalized treatment plan designed just for you.  Your assessment will include a comprehensive medical history, physical exam and lifestyle evaluation.

Following the completion of your assessment, you may be scheduled for a thorough, one-on-one education session which will promote strategies for your in-depth personal care that may include:

  • Personalized screening tests
  • Individual tobacco cessation counseling (if applicable)
  • Referral to other specialists (if needed)
  • Financial Counseling session
  • Review of Clinical Trials currently open at PCC
  • Review of additional services offered by PCC which may be of benefit to you

Pacific Cancer Care is a place where experienced physicians care for their patients with the support of highly skilled Nurse Practitioners, RN’s and a dedicated staff.  Equipped with all of the latest advances, the Pacific Cancer Care team offers patients a complete, comprehensive program across the continuum of care. Welcome to PCC!


Our mission is to provide the highest quality of oncology and hematology services to our patients. Pacific Cancer Care strives to exceed patient expectations by offering prompt, compassionate, state-of-the-art care and making each and every patient our priority.