Pacific Cancer Care is a place where experienced physicians care for their patients with the support of highly skilled nurses and a dedicated staff. Equipped with all the latest advances, the Pacific Cancer Care team offers patients a complete, comprehensive program across the continuum of care.

Our patients receive the best possible care, which is personalized, comprehensive and advanced, in a caring environment that is close to home.

Caring for the entire patient, not just the disease, is the mission of Pacific Cancer Care. Nutrition counseling, facilitating mind-body wellness, encouraging exercise and fitness, devising survivorship plans, and harnessing palliative therapies all contribute to the total care plan. We are a family here at PCC, and each member of the team cares deeply, often for a very personal reason, and that means a lot to our patients.

Pacific Cancer Care has been a leading provider of oncology and hematology services for almost 50 years. We have grown to become the major provider of oncology and hematology services in Central California.