What are the Costs of a Clinical Trial?

What are the Costs of Participating in Clinical Trials?

There are two types of costs associated with a trial:

  • Patient Care Costs
  • Research Costs

Patient Care Costs – these are costs associated with providing medical goods and services to any patient with a given diagnosis and prescribed therapy.  Usual care costs include doctor visits, hospital stays, clinical laboratory tests, x-rays, and any other medical costs that occur regardless of whether a patient is participating in a clinical trial or receiving standard treatment.

These costs are usually covered by a third-party health plan, such as Medicare or private insurance.

Research Costs – Research costs are the costs associated with clinical trial participation, such as the study drug(s), data collection and management, research physician and nurse time, analysis of results and  tests performed for purely research purposes.

These costs are usually covered by the sponsoring organization, such as a pharmaceutical company.

Our research coordinators and/or Financial Counselors can meet with you to discuss the financial aspects of any trial you are evaluating.


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